50 cent-rap game
Hip-hop 1-0-1
The hardest 9 to 5 you will ever have
You can??° learn this shit in no history-book
You ready to rap mothafucker?
You ready to sell your soul?gheh-gheh-gheh
`The Rap Game` ...motherfucker
I??| a disruptive nigger
You made me crazy
You should a slayed me as a baby
Behavin shadier than Wes Craven
And you aint even gotta pay me
I take pleasure of layin a nigga down daily
You face me drunk of sober
You??£l faint fast
I??| never fucked up to where I can??° whoop your ass
Your neck will get snapped wit bear hands fuck music
Is he rappin is cool but fool don??° confuse it
What happens these dudes get rude and then I lose it
Im scantlas
I blow your two kids off the atlas
With a gat that??ˉ bigger
Then Godzilla??ˉ back nigga
You are not real and in fact
Your fruity effect of